Enrichment and Extension Programme (2E's)

The Students will be involved in this Programme in one of two ways.

Either in a Schoolwide Programme such as Cheerleading, Starburst or Coding Extension or in a Syndicate Based Programme.

Students involved in the Schoolwide Programme will be pre-selected prior to each cycle of 2E’s. These activities are run by a combination of Classroom Teachers and Specialist Teachers. The Syndicate Based Programme is taught by those Classroom Teachers not already involved in Schoolwide Commitments.

In Term 2 and 3, all Students will be involved from 1:40 pm - 2:50 pm every Friday, except during Awards Assemblies and End of Term Assemblies. This means most Programmes will run for a period of 8-9 weeks depending on the Term.

This Programme provides an opportunity for all Students throughout the School to participate in an area of Extension or Enrichment that they may not have experienced before. Our hope is that these experiences may give our young people some insight into where their passions may lie.