Opportunities to be involved in sports at all levels are seen as a cornerstone of who we are as a school.  Like all things in life, not everyone can be the best and as such we have taken a holistic view of sport by ensuring we have opportunities to participate at a social level as well as the elite competitive level both within the school day and out of school hours. Opportunities to be involved in sports at Remuera Intermediate are provided through the following:

  • Class Sports Monitors
  • Regular Fitness
  • Weekly PE Classes
  • Lunchtime team sport
  • Auckland Central and Interzones competitions
  • After-hours leagues

Class Sport Monitors

Students from Year 7 and Year 8 can apply to be part of the Sports Committee.  Applications are made in writing and students are interviewed before the committee is announced early in Term 1.  Between 20 and 30 students make up the committee. The Sports Committee has a number of responsibilities including running the PE shed, organising and overseeing Lunchtime Sports and providing support at external events such as the Central Zone competitions.

Regular Fitness

Classes participate in regular morning fitness as a healthy and active way to start the day. This short burst of exercise helps to energise and invigorate the students as they prepare for a day of learning.

PE Classes

These classes serve two primary purposes. The first is to develop skills and overall fitness and the second is to apply these skills to real world sports such as football, tennis, netball, athletics etc.

RI Referees

RI Referees run lunchtime sports. Competitions last year included touch, dodgeball and netball. Students who are interested in becoming a referee apply and trial for the position at the beginning of the year.

Lunchtime Sport

This is run by RI Referees and provides opportunities for all children who are willing and able to get involved in friendly competitions such as netball, touch rugby, dodgeball, fat mat splat, etc.

Auckland Central and Interzones Competitions

This competition is highly competitive and involves over 45,000 year 7 and 8 students from across the greater Auckland region. Our teachers are responsible for coaching and managing these representative sides with training often taking place before and after school and during lunch breaks.

This is an elite competition and team members or individuals are selected to represent the school based on skill level and personal talent. The number of teams or individuals that are eligible to enter each competition is determined by the tournament organisers. Often there are limited spaces which can make selection very challenging especially in a large school such as RI with so many capable young sportspeople. Students that are selected will be expected to follow the Code of Conduct for sporting events.

As a member of the central zone, our students first compete at Central Zone competitions. Depending on the sport, typically first place, or in some instances, the first couple of places go through to the Auckland Interzone competition. The Auckland Interzone competition is a playoff against teams from the other zones from across Auckland. Over the years we have won a number of the Auckland championships in a variety of codes and this year is already shaping up well with a few Central Zone wins already under our belt.

Students will be informed via daily notices of various sporting teams which represent RI against other teams in the central zone. Most teams receive a large amount of interest and the teacher in charge of the event will run trials to select a team to represent RI at the central zone competition day.

After Hours Sports Leagues

In years gone by we have limited the number of teams entering these after school leagues due to staffing demands. In 2019 we took the decision to open up as many entrants as there were willing participants providing the teams could arrange a coach and a manger. The school remains a central point of contact and supports these competitions by publicising them, helping with selection where appropriate and arranging equipment and uniforms. We are very pleased with this approach and this change has seen more students than ever representing RI in these competitions.

The school facilities opportunities for students to take part in both basketball and netball. Please click on the following for more information:

National Tournaments Including AIMS Games

A number of sporting codes host national tournaments throughout the year for Intermediate aged students. In addition, there is an annual multisport tournament known as the AIMS Games. To participate in these competitions teams or individuals must meet certain criteria and adhere to guidelines set out by the school. These criteria and guidelines are set out below.

2024 AIMS Games Application Process

Students attended the AIMS games in 2023 representing RI in Boys' Futsal, Boys' Basketball, Netball, Rock Climbing, Swimming, and Cross Country. The registration process is communicated to parents in term 1. Applications need to be completed by the end of the term to be considered.

Participation in national tournaments is for those teams or individuals that place at the top of their local, regional or national competitions. Teams or individuals that qualify to participate in these competitions are often required to pay a registration fee, provide uniforms, travel and stay in local accommodation. The costs associated with these tournaments can become quite considerable and as such agreement from all eligible families is sought before confirming attendance.

To ensure the health and safety of our students, the schools EOTC processes and guidelines must be adhered to. Final approval for any student or students not attending with their caregivers must be sought from the Board of Trustees in conjunction with the Sports Coordinator and the Principal.


We believe it is important to feel proud when representing your school and to be part of a team. To this end we have designed new uniforms recently for a number of codes and we are continuing to update more.

2024 Remuera Intermediate Sports Programme