Newsletter - 9 February 2024



Learning at the Core

In a school such as RI where young people are exposed to such a wide range of sporting, cultural, artistic and special interest opportunities one could be forgiven for thinking we are not as focused on academics as some schools. In reality, this could not be further from the truth.

Over recent years our staff have achieved exceptional results with our young people. On average, students who attend RI make three years of progress in their two years with us in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. That is an entire year of additional progress when compared with national trends. Whilst it may look to some like our students are having too much fun to be learning the data makes it very clear that academic progress and achievement is absolutely our number one priority.

Our relentless focus on academic achievement in the classroom is complemented by the additional opportunities that we are well renowned for. To this end, as we enter week 3 many of these opportunities are getting underway including various sporting teams, dance auditions, choir auditions, rock band and individual instrumental lessons and garden-to-table to name a few.

With regard to academics, next week will also see the commencement of our new year assessment period. Over the next two weeks, your children will be completing several formal assessments to help teachers gain an accurate understanding of your child’s academic needs. This data will also be used to evaluate our programmes across the school to ensure we continue to improve our curriculum delivery for all students.

To support us to maintain this high level of academic success it is important that your child attends school regularly, eats well, has a good night's sleep and is well-organised and ready to learn every day. We look forward to sharing an achievement update later in the term once these results are collated and analysed.

Kyle Brewerton
Principal/APPA President



February 13 PTA meeting                                              BOT meeting
February 14 Year 8 Water Wise - Room 21
February 15 Year 8 Water Wise - Room 5
February 16 Year 8 Water Wise - Room 19
Februray 20 Central Zones Tennis Girls                       Year 8 Water Wise - Room 25
February 21 Photolife School Photos                          Meet the Teacher Evening 
February 22 Central Zones Tennis Boys
February 26 Year 8 Camp - Rooms 20,21,22
February 27 Central Zones Softball Girls
February 28 Year 8 Camp - Rooms 6,19,29
February 29 Central Zones Softball Boys
MARCH 2024
March 5 Central Zones Cricket Boys
March 6 Year 8 Water Wise - Room 3
March 7 Central Zones Cricket Girls                      Year 8 Water Wise - Room 24
March 13 Year 8 Water Wise - Room 30
March 14 Central Zones Swimming                         Year 8 Water Wise - Room 7                           RI Community Picnic 
March 15 Auckland Grammar Music Performance  Year 8 Water Wise - Room 23
March 18 Year 8 Camp  - Rooms 3,4,5
March 19 Central Zones Orienteering
March 20 Water Wise Room 29                                    Year 8 Camp - Rooms 2,7,30
March 25 Year 8 Camp - Rooms 23,24,25
March 29 Good Friday - School Closed 
APRIL 2024
April 1 Easter Monday - School Closed 
April 2 Easter Tuesday - School Closed 
April 3 Year 8 Water Wise - Room 22
April 4 Year 8 Water Wise - Room 2
April 5 Year 8 Water Wise - Room 20
April 8 Year 7 Camp #1 - Rooms TBC
April 10 Year 7 Camp  #2 - Rooms TBC



The excitement was evident as the new 2024 Year 7s gathered in the hall to find out who their teacher would be. The students did so well as they patiently waited to hear their names called. Over the next few days, students were busy settling in and learning about how RI runs. There is a great deal to take in over the first few weeks, and our teaching teams do a great job at setting our students up for success. Our first Year 7 assembly was held on Thursday and this was our first chance to gather together in our new classes.

This assembly is a time for us to bond as a group and for important information to be shared with the cohort. We always start with a song or two, then manage to have some sort of game towards the end. This week's challenge was heads or tails and Ditvi from Room 27 narrowly missed out being crowned the Term 1 winner, with Miss Pearson from Room 14 taking out the honour. Congratulations on a brilliant start at Remuera Intermediate to all our students and I am looking forward to spending the rest of the year with you - and what an exciting year it’s going to be!!


Year 8 students in Multi Materials have started 2024 by creating tall towers and crazy domino creations. Safe workshop practice is always a focus in this specialist area as students stretch their problem-solving skills and creativity. Students are also beginning to research and plan their first project: the laser cut cubes, storage box or night light project. I also look forward to working with all the students this year and would like to thank my Monitors for their Reliability, Integrity and Service.


Our Year 8 Specialist Subjects include Garden to Table, a programme of learning to plant, grow, harvest and cook vegetables. Garden to Table classes happen each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 9 am and 11 am. Are you or someone in your family a keen gardener who has a little bit of time to join us on a casual basis? It would be wonderful to have members of our community share their passion for and knowledge of gardening with our young students.

Please contact Sonja Potter, [email protected] if you are willing and able to offer any time to help our children grow green fingers!



All absences need to be reported by 8:45 a.m. at the latest. To report an absence please:

Use the 'Report an Absence' link in the top right corner of the school website homepage

Use the school app or phone the office on 09 522 9890 Option 1
Please do not email absence notifications to classroom teachers.


Your children’s safety is of paramount importance to us.  In order to ensure the safety of all our students, at 9:45 am if your child has not been marked as Present we will send out a text notification to alert you of his/her absence. 

We are aware many parents are simply very busy people and forget to notify the school so please respond with a Y and a reason for the absence/lateness.
Respond with an N if you have dropped your child at school or know that he/she was coming to school and we can investigate this promptly.

Should your mobile number change, please notify the school immediately so that we can update our records accordingly.


Parents are able to use our portal to pay for their child’s donations and fees. We encourage anyone who has not already signed up to do so. 

The address is


You can download the free SchoolAppsNZ from the App Store or Google Play. It works on both Android and Apple phones. It sends important school messages and forms a big part of our school communications

Features of the App:​

  • You can subscribe to alert groups of interest to you and your child
  • You can complete the absentee form directly from the App
  • You can access the school calendar, news and events directly through the App
  • We can send out targeted alerts to everyone with the App or to specific groups